A little bit about me

My name is Gareth (gary) Moore and I was born at Buckland Hospital. I have lived in Dover most of my life and have lived in Lorne road Dover for the last 19 years with my youngest daughter Katie and my little Boxer dog Molly. I have been using Connaught Park for the last 30 odd years and I think its one of the Jewels in Dovers crown.

            katie_emma                 mollymoore                            gareth
                                 Katie and Emma.                                                              Molly.                                                                   Gareth Moore.

I also have an older daughter called Emma who is married to Gary and they have a son called Sam, so I am a grandad as well.

I have done various jobs since leaving school: Coal Miner, Building Trade,
The Ferries, John Lawrence brass factory, Furnace Man, The Dover Engineering Works, Bridge St Dover, Photographer and finally a Corgi registered qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineer untill disability caught up with me. I now ride around the park with my dog Molly on a mobility scooter, so if you see me say hello.