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  Connaught Park, Dover Kent

main entrance
The main entrance to the park

A short history of the park

This park is the first park established in Dover dating back to Victorian times. The park was opened by R.H. Duchess of Connaught on the 14th July 1883
and remains more or less unchanged in its main structure since. The park is terraced and on the lower level are formal lawns with flowerbeds and an ornamental pond, a bird aviary and picnic area. On the next level there are hard and soft tennis courts and a children’s playground, also a 5 aside football pitch (when they put the goal posts back) above this the lawns slope up the hillside to the top terrace and commands excellent views over Dover.
The park has both men`s and ladies toilets.

Take a walk through the park.  

   The walk

Below are some pictures I have taken throughout 2009.

The Pond The Lodge The Shelter Hard Tennis Courts Soft Tennis Courts Kids Playground Picnic Area Bird Bath 5 a side pitch Dogs
Aviary and Seating Drinking Fountain Near The Castle Town Views Aviary Birds  Flowers Berries/Fungi Blossom Wild Life Cloudscapes

Sunsets Bugs  Spiders Panoramic Park Pictures Strange Park Pictures                 Autumn 2009 Autumn Panoramic2009 Ice Cream Hut about 1985

The calender below are pictures that I have taken each month in the park during 2009.

January February March April May June July August September October November December December SNOW

2010 Calender below.
January January SNOW February February Snow March April May June July August September October November December

January Snow 2010 Panoramic

Wild Life 2010 Dogs 2010 John Fagg..Aviary Birds John Fagg...Old and New..Gallery 1    Gallery 2 John Fagg...Gallery 3

Jane Fortune..Connaught Park...The Great Storm of 1987...Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 Jane Fortune...Some Early Park Pics...Gallery 3

Dog Gallerys 2010...Gallery 1...Gallery 2...Gallery 3...Gallery 4...Gallery 5...Gallery 6...Gallery 7 ...Gallery  8...Gallery  9...Gallery  10...Gallery  11...

Ducks..Gallery 1..Gallery  2..Gallery 3..Gallery 4 Birds..Gallery 1..Gallery  2..Gallery 3..Gallery 4 Squirrels..Gallery1..Gallery 2..Gallery 3..Gallery 4

Bugs...Gallery 1..Gallery 2..Gallery 3..Gallery 4

If you have pictures of Connaught Park taken years ago and want to add them to this site. Please contact me. You will keep the copyright and you will be credited with the works. Please make sure that you either have the copyright or permission before you submit the works to me. Thank you.

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